Webinar Wednesday Mountain Region!

Join us for a fun and informative trial prep technology webinar and lunch is on us!



Designed exclusively for law firms in the mountain time zone, this webinar will cover a range of practical solutions to some of trial prep's most frequent challenges and provide an overview of the latest best practices for hybrid litigation teams.


The Details
June 5, 2024
12:00 PM (Mountain)
Zoom Webinar
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The Litigation Tech & Trial Prep Webinar Agenda

  • Trial prep challenges and how to overcome them:  During this session we will discuss and demonstrate how to deal with complicated file types, manage and annotate transcripts, categorize exhibits, manage and analyze opposing counsel “counters” and get video depositions ready for trial.
  • Moving from trial prep to “trial prepared”: Is your trial prep process more "reaction" than "action?"  If so, you are sure to benefit from our discussion of the best practices, workflows and communication tactics of high performing litigation teams.
  • Resources to help you stay prepared: All attendees will be provided with the One Discovery Trial Prep checklist for managing all facets of trial prep - including exchanges with opposing counsel. As well as complimentary copy of our Definitive Guide to Trial Prep.
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Meet Legal Radius Live Team!


Eric Rodriguez

President of One Discovery

Eric Rodriguez, a Chicago native, has a long and distinguished career helping law firms' source and acquire innovative legal technology to expand and improve on core legal services.

Rick Santos

Rick Santos

Product Manager, Trial Technologies

Rick Santos leads the development of Legal Radius, One Discovery's trial prep and deposition management software. Rick has been working with and supporting litigation and trial teams for more than a decade.


Aimee Spirlin

Senior Account Executive

Aimee Spirlin is a Senior Account Executive who works closely with law firms and corporations around the country to size, acquire and deploy innovative, firmwide solutions of both eDiscovery and Trial Prep software.

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